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2023 100% completion run (4th quarter review)

Holy smokes this year finally almost done?

Previously, on the last season of Xen’s quarter-year

And we are back again, with a quick update on what I’m planning to do for the rest of the year. I promised myself that I would try to do more of these so I could actually go back and review everything I already forgot. So let’s see how I did:

  • ❌ attain boyfriend,
  • ✔️ create a new website/creative work,
  • ✔️ read more books,
  • ❌ make new friends that are similar to me.

50% that’s not bad! I’m turning 30 soon and I haven’t made that many new friends this year. But hey let’s not dwell on that, the year is almost already over in the blink of an eye.

Work and stuff outside of work

Work is starting to get exhausting, we aren’t starting any new projects so it’s just maintenance work (and not the fun kind). I became less uptight at work, although some people still make me want to slam my head, more on that later. I’m enjoying this job more than my previous employment, been here for just over a year and it’s been mostly great!

screenshot of the "Music" this websites chronicles page

I made this website! Well I’ve continue to work on this website. I’ve really been enjoying the Astro framework and Tailwind CSS (I originally wasn’t a huge fan but I’ve grown to love how fast it is). Most recently I’ve worked on the Chronicles so I can have a look at the songs I’ve listened to or the smut I’ve been reading1.

I’m going to focus on developing this site more before I move on with the next project to abandon. Some more things I would like to work on this site before moving on are:

  • Fix the blog cards and filter. Doesn’t look great,
  • Add some more design elements so it doesn’t look so flat (add some background patterns, polish some blog post layouts, etc.),
  • Find a good workflow for converting images to webp format and icons,
  • Work on some accessibility (ARIA, semantic HTML, proper text content),

I think eventually work on some 3D modelling stuff, always wanted to do some more Blender or look into doing pixel art.

Books, Media and Games: the holy trinity of procrastination

My reading habit is so very inconsistent, that I really need to get a handle on it. I started reading some smut ;) Got hooked on When life gives you werewolves and started reading his book The Mark of Amulii: Path of Segolia (both by Aeron Dusk). I need to catch up on some Furry Visual Novels, I’m behind on: The Smoke Room, Echo and Where the Demon Lurks.

I haven’t consumed much recently, binge-watching Scrubs all the way through. I also watched Bo Burnham: INSIDE which was great! I want to start watching at least a movie a fortnight2, I’m like literally behind on almost anything (took me 2 years to watch Frozen 2). Some media I need to catch up on include:

  • The Super Mario Bros movie,
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once,
  • Barbie,
  • Elemental,
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves,

Haven’t been playing anything new recently. Just the usual FFXIV, Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch 2. I feel like I need a new game to play, but can’t find anything that I’m really excited for. Some games (and updates) I’m looking forward to this quarter include:

What’s happening down under in Spider Land

On the 14th of October, we have a referendum to change our Constitution to create a Voice to parliament for the First Peoples of Australia. Closing the gap is important and I agree that it’s something we need but I’m just not confident that anything will actually come from it if it does succeed. I also unfortunately think that the ‘No’ vote will actually (and unfortunately) win. Their campaign strategy of absolute chaos and misinformation was quite affective3.

This bushfire season looks like it’s going to be bad. A few years ago we had a really bad bushfire season called the Black Summer. I remember how bad the smoke and haze were but luckily we weren’t in the effected areas. Something to look out for this summer after the last few were very tame, we have already gotten alerts about nearby fires.

Scry 3: into the future

I’m looking forward to the end of the year, this year has been quite the roller-coaster with work and life in constant chaos. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been shoved into a sideload washing machine and I’m rolling over and over again waiting for it to stop. Recently I’ve been getting into my own head and I started to overthink things.

Anyway lets see how the rest of this year ends. Catch you on the flip side!

animated image of a side-loading washing machine with cartoon eyes with a brick thrown into it. Shortly after the brick enters, the washing machine jumps a few times before falling over


  1. Though it might be fun to look back and fondly remember games I played (or cringe at the music I’ve listened to). TBH I can’t even remember what I ate for lunch last week, that’s how bad my memory is these days.

  2. Time to buy some pre-cooked popcorn. I wonder how good white cheddar popcorn is?

  3. it mimics the strategies used in the US elections, it’s kinda frustrating to watch how effective it is down here.

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