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The Adventures of Taylor Swift (Baldur's Gate 3)

It's D&D except I role-play as the international superstar Taylor Swift in a medieval fantasy world

Let me introduce you to my character: Taylor Swift!


She’s a level 12 bard who enjoys throwing fireballs and loves insulting her opponents on the battlefield. When she’s not leading her team and convincing doctors to kill themselves, she working hard trying to make Boulders Gate a better place.

When the option was available, you must ALWAYS select the “I’m Taylor Swift” dialogue option.

Her many titles

Throughout her adventures, she’s managed to acquire quite a reputation (some good and a lot bad). She has done many things to make Baldur’s Gate a safer town but also exploited the citizens to advance her influence and power. Taylor Swift may be an international rock star but she is also:

  • entrepreneur & cutthroat businesswoman,
  • the man stealer,
  • art patron,
  • Queen of knives,
  • the foul-mouthed,
  • wine connoisseur,
  • potato collector,
  • spider whisperer,
  • the mob boss,
  • the NOPE mage,
  • the silencer,
  • pyromaniac,
  • “I cast Hold Person/Monster”,
  • Baldur’s Gates best detective,
  • Tomb Raider,
  • the Elementalist,
  • hero of the people,
  • elaborate heist planner,
  • ghostbuster,

Xen’s first run

My first playthrough was with a friend and lasted about 75 hours. Our party composition looked like this:

  • Rouge: ranged DPS & locksmith,
  • Lae’zel (fighter): main DPS,
  • Bard: control mage and conversationalist,
  • Shadowheart (cleric): enchanted & buffer (guidance bot),

I had so much fun playing as a control mage, the developers did a really good job of creating so many opportunities. I was primarily doing: countering spells, increasing/decreasing rolls, battlefield modification and crowd-controlling enemies.

I think my next run would be either a paladin, barbarian or monk, something not caster. I’ll do another post on Boulders Gate 3; not focusing on a review but more or less talking about interactions in the game.

one quick final thought

I’m not sure about your playthrough but Lae’zel was definitely the main anime protagonist in our run. Like holy shit she literally one-shot the Red Dragon…

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